The purpose of a voluntary certification system for addictions counselors is to:

  1. Assure the public a minimum level of competency for quality service by addictions counselors;
  2. Give professional recognition to qualified addictions counselors through a process which examines demonstrated work competencies;
  3. Assure an opportunity for professional development by addictions counselors on an ongoing basis;
  4. Enable addictions counselors to meet eligibility requirements for reimbursement for professional health care services.


The role of the addictions counselor is to:

  1. Be an agent of the client;
  2. Assist clients in making an assessment of their use of addictive substances;
  3. Assist clients in becoming involved in the counseling process so that they may resolve problems related to the use of addictive substances;
  4. Provide experienced, professional counseling; assist and support clients in developing and/or maintaining a responsible and functional lifestyle as defined by the client;
  5. Recognize problems beyond the counselor's training, skill or competence, and be willing and able to use other appropriate professional services;
  6. Provide experienced, professional counseling services as needed to the substance abuser's family and/or significant others.    

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