Mission Statement

Certification is the process by which a non-governmental agency or association grants recognition to an individual who has met certain predetermined standards specified by that agency or association. It is designed to promote and maintain integrity and quality in a particular field. MBSACC is the organization charged with this responsibility as it pertains to the field of substance abuse in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It has faithfully, honestly, and professionally discharged this duty since 1981, without interruption.

In the United States, alcoholism counseling boasts a forty year developmental history. Drug counseling, on the other hand, is a related, but relatively new sub-discipline. Alcoholism and drug counselors are integrated into the greater health care system. For several years, health care facilities of varying types have employed the talents of alcoholism and drug counselors in order to offer proper treatment and rehabilitation services to persons suffering the characteristic negative effects secondary to psycho-chemical abuse.

The emergence of the "poly-drug" abuser (i.e., the person who simultaneously abuses more than one drug) has created a significant challenge for the counselor/therapist. S/he now must have amassed a sufficiently diverse clinical armamentarium to effectively treat the person who abuses alcohol, the person who abuses drugs, and the person who abuses both.

In recognition of the special and particular composition of the alcohol/drug field, and of the people who work therein, a burgeoning demand for the continuing elaboration of an Alcohol/Drug Certification Process has evolved.

Alcohol/Drug (substance abuse) treatment providers possess myriad backgrounds, training, and experience. Certification is a concept that is inclusive, rather than exclusive. It attempts to acknowledge proficient individuals regardless of their particular experiential bases, disciplines or academic accomplishments. Certification is a COMPETENCY-BASED PROCEDURE. Importance is attached to the level of competency, rather than the manner in which the competency may have been acquired.

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